Find and Pay For Parking Easier Than Ever with This App!

Finding parking in this day and age that’s affordable is becoming increasingly difficult. You want to find a parking spot that’s close to your location, but you don’t want to spend the majority of your time circling the block to find one.

That’s where this app for Ford owners comes in! With FordPass™, it’s easier than ever to find and pay for a parking space before you head out on the road.

This video is a walkthrough to show you this feature and how to use it with your Ford vehicle.

Not only is this an ingenious invention, it also will provide a good amount of stress relief for people who can’t ever seem to find the parking spot they need.

Here at Max Ford of Harrisonville, we want to make sure your driving experience is as pleasant as possible. That’s why our professional team is here to help with whatever you need!

Stop by our dealership in Harrisonville, MO if you have any questions or would like to look at our selection of Ford vehicles!

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