Ford's BLIS: For When You Keep Forgetting Your Blind Spot

It doesn't matter if you have been driving a week or a decade, there will come a time when someone driving in your blind spot catches you off guard. Rather than risk a potential accident, these are a few reasons to consider Ford's BLIS.

Ford's Blind Spot Information System (BLIS), was developed to be the eyes of the car where you cannot see. If another driver is creeping up close to your car and you get ready to change lanes, an indicator on your mirrors will tell you which side to be weary of. The warning light is something can snap you out of a fog if you have been driving too long and are not as sharp as you were when the journey first started.

Being able to know who is around your car can save you serious trouble. To discover more about this incredible system, contact the staff at Max Ford of Harrisonville now.

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