Why Are Genuine Replacement Parts More Reliable?

The parts that you are getting from your local auto parts store could be manufactured just about anywhere, and don't stand up the the strict requirements of the parts sold at the dealership. Here is why you should be getting your parts from Max Ford of Harrisonville.

The reason that you will find parts cheaper at all the independent auto parts stores is simple: they are made cheaply and they need to be replaced more often. Does it make sense to pay $10 for a part that you will need to replace in a year or pay $35 for a part that has a warranty?

The dealership has parts that are created with strict attention to detail to be considered OEM-approved. Not only does our shop have the part you need, we have all the parts for your vehicle.

At Max Ford of Harrisonville, you can rest assured knowing all of your auto parts were made specifically for your vehicle and built to last.
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