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Brains and Brawn: The 2018 Ford Mustang

The 2018 Ford Mustang captures the best of both worlds: past and future. A classic and near-universally loved muscle car like the Mustang, combines with new technology to maximize potential. The 2018 Ford Mustang is full of features that enhance and enable the driving experience in ways you've never imagined could be real. Features like 300 to 526 horsepower engines respectively are there for the driver to enjoy, but there are features that you don't even have to be in the vehicle to take advantage of!


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Categories: , Pours on Praise for 2017 Ford Fusion

If ever there were a midsize sedan that could render us here at Max Ford of Harrisonville straight-up speechless, our esteemed American automaker's -- the 2017 Fusion -- would have to be it.

Yet what -- in particular -- makes it so?

Well, as luck would have it, that answer can be found in the clip below. Tag along with Managing Editor Jodi Lai, as she tallies some of the Fusion's best qualities:

Want a fully loaded feel from the Fusion? Then, look no further than its range-topping model, the V6 Sport.

Standard amenities on this iteration include a 325-horsepower…

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Autotrader Releases List of Summer 2017's Hottest Cars

Summer is the perfect time to climb into the driver's seat of a Ford F-150.


Because summer is all about the heat and Autotrader recently released a list of the top ten hottest cars of summer 2017 -- the most-researched vehicles on their site.

Guess which pickup truck made it to the top.

Of course, this news doesn't really surprise us here at Max Ford of Harrisonville. The stellar Ford F-Series has been hot for years, earning "best-selling truck in the United States" status every year for the past four decades.

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The 2017 Ford Explorer: Family Safety on the Go

Families all over the country and beyond trust the size and safety of crossover SUVs to take them and their loved ones from place to place; for the Sanchez family in the video below, the 2017 Ford Explorer is the one they've chosen. This full-size crossover SUV has a lot to offer; they can put all their strollers and other baby items in the back which can expand up to a maximum of 81.7 cubic feet, the SYNC infotainment system up front offers music and connectivity, and the gorgeous styling makes it easy for the Explorer to stand…

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Watch These Cargo Protectors Withstand a Barrage of Items

Your Ford’s cargo area protector is going to go through a lot of wear and tear. Between the items that you store, the elements surrounding your vehicle, and amount of times items will be placed in your cargo area, your protector will see a lot of action.

That’s why it is vital for your protector to be as sturdy and strong as possible. As can be seen in this video, your Ford vehicle’s protector is more than up for the challenge.

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Find and Pay For Parking Easier Than Ever with This App!

Finding parking in this day and age that’s affordable is becoming increasingly difficult. You want to find a parking spot that’s close to your location, but you don’t want to spend the majority of your time circling the block to find one.

That’s where this app for Ford owners comes in! With FordPass™, it’s easier than ever to find and pay for a parking space before you head out on the road.

This video is a walkthrough to show you this feature and how to use it with your Ford vehicle.

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Don't Struggle to Back That Trailer: Try Ford's Adaptive Steering

The foot traffic at our dealership has been extremely heavy lately, as people have been racing to the door to learning more about the adaptive steering on the 2017 Super Duty truck.

It is easy to understand why people are fascinated by this new steering system that allows them to back a trailer more easily and parallel park easier. Once the truck hits highway speeds, however, you will enjoy driving it as well because the steering adapts beautifully to those conditions too.
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People Are Talking About The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

Since opening our doors at Max Ford of Harrisonville, we have learned a lot about the Ford company. Ford is a company that has been at the forefront of the automotive industry for decades. The innovation and quality that goes into Ford vehicles is second to none in the automotive industry.

Ford prides itself on developing great designs for its vehicles that push the perception of vehicles in a particular market. The 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor is another Ford vehicle that is pushing the perception of vehicles in its market. The Ford F-150 Raptor is a pickup truck...
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